Dinner recipes





Brinjal curry & Roast duck


Part of our CNY Day 1 celebration 🙂 yum in my tumtum


Mango avo salad, spiced prawns with curry leaves & roast pork

Wanted to use this recipe: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/11049/spiced+prawns+with+curry+leaves

but I used a Rasa malaysia recipe instead. Didn’t have any tamarind paste in the pantry, so I substitute it with hoisin/ oyster sauce. Worked out well but I should have used at least double the amount of curry leaves. Would have tasted better!


Chicken stir-fry with veg, water chesnut & cashews

Sauce: shaoxing wine, soy sauce, corn starch. Also, kimchi egg & watermelon (& mint) juice! – since the weather was so hot. Weird combo but it was alright 🙂


Mushroom risotto with peas | simple Salad & tuna for sides


Teriyaki salmon (onion & mushroom sauteed in salmon oil) | Long beans

I can’t remember which recipes I used for this vege but tip: use heaps of mushroom & shaoxing wine in your frying sauce. This recipe looks great too:



I used the smart cooker for these soups.

  1. Tried to imitate my sis’ cooking but I didn’t have heavy cream in the fridge & the stock from the chicken bones was not strong enough. Bean paste saved it haha
  2. Learnt my lesson. Bought chicken frame. Recipe: 1 chicken frame, chicken drumsticks, frozen corn, canned beetroot, white beans (aka cannellini). So nourishing!

I loveeeee this cooking show – Cooking with Dog

Second one, family said it wasn’t as nice as the sukiyaki haha but I like it. Broth – made using dried anchovies, bonito flakes & soy bean paste.

My friend asked us over for dinner, it was nice of her! Perfect presentation, right? She made pork steak, it was a huge piece. I almost couldn’t finished it. I would cut down a lot on the salt for the sauce, a bit too salty.. but it was so. yummy.

I brought watermelon salad – a refreshing summer salad. There’s a lot of fruits in it so I recommend you not to eat too much fruits on that day haha. Recipe: watermelon, chopped mint leaves, spinach leaves & alfafa sprouts. Add sliced grapes & kiwi if the watermelon’s not sweet enough. Make sure it stays in the fridge before it’s served 🙂

Sweet potato wedges & cauliflower gratin (thermie)



Asian soup with salmon

This broth was made from chicken frame & salmon meat/bones. It didn’t turn out tasty enough, so soy bean paste – to the rescue! Also added 2 tablespoon (the ones you use for eating), 4 tbs sake, 2 tbs mirin, 1 tbs light soy sauce. I used 1.5L of water, I think.



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